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Beautiful maps tell compelling stories. Good data drives wise decisions. A GIS professional is an invaluable resource, and with 10 years experience in environmental GIS, our mission is to compliment the dedicated and painstaking work you invest in your work and reports. Your story deserves an elegant map to help paint a picture of how we can take steps towards environmental preservation, sustainable planning, and wise management of our cultural resources.

Who We Are

SierraGIS is a small, flexible, professional GIS consultant that provides exceptional geographic and geospatial services that can be tailored exactly to the schedule and budget needs of your projects. We specialize in environmental and culutural GIS applications, but can help you find a GIS solution for any spatial challenge. Above all else, we commit to bring integrity, honesty, and friendly service to every project and business relationship.

SierraGIS Service Area

Who We Serve

SierraGIS is headquartered in the beautiful central coast of California, and serve clients throughout Calfornia and in many surrounding counties including San Luis Obispo, Kern, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Tulare, Ventura, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and many more. From the Pacific Ocean to the Sierra Nevadas, SierraGIS has the local and regional environmental knowledge to bring you the best service.

Natural Resources

  • Biological Assessments
  • Natural Environmental Studies
  • Wetland/Jurisdictional Delineations
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention


  • Initial Studies / Mitigated Negative Declarations
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Transportation

Cultural Resources

  • Cultural Report Graphics
  • Record Search Requests
  • Newly Recorded Resources Data Deliverables

Field Ops Deployment

  • ESRI Field Maps, Survey 123
  • CALTopo and Google Earth/KMZ
  • Printed Paper Reference Maps
  • Garmin, Trimble, Drone

Web and Mobile

  • ArgGIS Online
  • ESRI Mobile Apps
  • Web Maps and Applications
  • Avenza Offline Mapping

Data Formatting

  • Client Specific GDB Schemas
  • Data Dictionaries, Collection Schemas
  • GDB, KMZ, Shape, CAD, GPX
  • GIS Modeling

Who I Am

Kevin Howen is the owner and founder of SierraGIS. His extensive GIS expertise comes from over 10 years of experience in the environmental consulting field, with additional GIS positions at an educational, county, and federal level. With experience ranging from field data collection operations, to leading a GIS team spanning the western US, Kevin is well prepared to be an exceptional and trusted GIS resource for your company.

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